Elastic Wedges

Elastic Wedges
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Assorted 75 Pack (TDV-4801)+ $28.90
2.0mm 25 Pack (TDV4803)+ $11.50
2.6mm 25 Pack (TDV4804)+ $11.50
3.2mm 25 Pack (TDV4805)+ $11.50
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  • Indicated for general use in restorative procedures, being compatible with all matrix systems.
  • They have the mechanical function of adapting matrices and/or separating adjacent teeth, acting at the same time at the lingual and vestibular sides.
  • The wedges are produced in 3 different color coded sizes, applied according to the cervico-oclusal height of the proximal box
  • Available in 2.0mm, 2.6mm & 3.2mm


Available Elastic Wedges Kit (Assorted Pack of 3 sizes, 75 pcs/pack), 2.0mm Refill (25pcs/pack), 2.6mm Refill (25pcs/pack) & 3.2mm Refill Pack (25pcs/pack)


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