Barracuda Metal Cutting Burs

When your dental practice requires maximum value & performance in metal cutting burs, Strauss & Co Barracuda burs can be trusted to deliver the best results in crown & bridge removal. Orien Dental Supplies is proud to stock a wide range of quality Barracuda cutting burs in a variety of shapes to suit your specific needs.

Assorted Cutting Bur Sizes and Types

We stock metal cutting burs in varying sizes and shapes, with pear, cross cut, round end taper, inverted cone, round end cross cut and football shapes available to choose from. No matter what your requirements, we guarantee you’ll find an adequate cutting bur within our comprehensive range.

Adjustable Bur Block

Ensure adequate storage of your metal cutting burs with our adjustable bur block. Capable of holding a variety of bur lengths, this bur block can be adjusted to different heights and is also autoclavable, allowing proper hygiene to be maintained.