Articulating Paper 200μ - Bausch

Articulating Paper 200μ - Bausch

Blue Dispenser Box, Box 300 (BK01)+ $39.50 (18 In Stock)
Blue Refill Box for BK01, Pack 300 (BK1001)+ $35.50 (20 In Stock)
Red Dispenser Box, Box 300 (BK02)+ $39.50 (2 In Stock)
Red Refill Box for BK02, Pack 300 (BK1002)+ $35.50 (1 In Stock)
Blue Horseshoe, Box 50 (BK03)+ $27.90 (2 In Stock)
Red Horseshoe, Box 50 (BK04)+ $27.90 (1 In Stock)
Box with Blue Blooklets, Pack 300 (BK05)+ $38.00 (11 In Stock)
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  • Bausch 200μ Articulating Paper with progressive color transfer, that highlights overall pressure distribution by means of different color shades
  • The Lighter The Bite, The Lighter The Mark
  • The Harder The Bite, The Darker The Mark
  • A dentist can easily obtain accurate pressure distribution within seconds.
  • High spots are immediately visible

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