XyliMelts for Dry Mouth - Professional Case (12 boxes of 40 discs ea.)

XyliMelts for Dry Mouth - Professional Case (12 boxes of 40 discs ea.)
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 XyliMelts is the best solution for Dry Mouth (xerostomia). Increasing saliva, XyliMelts also moisturizes the mouth and coats it in a soothing oral lubricant to keep your mouth comfortable for hours. Adhering disc technology means you can even use XyliMelts while you sleep, when Dry Mouth is at its worst! XyliMelts also contain xylitol to freshen breath and reduce the risk of tooth decay!*

  • Lasts for hours
  • Increases saliva flow*
  • Can be used while sleeping
  • Moisturizes and coats the mouth for optimal comfort*
  • Mild mint flavor freshens breath & increases saliva*
  • Also available in Mint-Free
  • Professional Case contains 12 retail boxes of 40 discs. 
  • Ingredients: 0.55g Xylitol per pastille, Acacia gum, cellulose gum, hydroxypropylcellulose, natural mint flavor (without for the mint-free version), magnesium stearate, calcium carbonate.

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Thank You
thank you for this product. I am 4 yrs post radiation treatment for throat cancer and I was only getting 1-3 hrs sleep at a time because of my dry mouth having had salivary glands burnt away. the first time I used xylimelts I slept for 6 hours--- heaven--- Jean (12/09/2017)
An excellent product for Dry Mouth problems after Radiation
After undergoing radiation treatment for cancer in a submandibular salivary gland I suffered an extremely dry mouth, particularly at night. Xylimelts are the only product that gives me good long term relief overnight. No more waking up with an uncomfortable dry mouth and needing to reapply messy gels several times a night. Recommended to me by the Dental Hospital, my Radiation Oncologist and Dentist. Bob M. (10/07/2017)
Great Product
I suffer from a very dry mouth caused by Sjogrens syndrome. I have found Xylimelts to be very effective at keeping my mouth moist throughout the night. PeterO (28/06/2017)

3 Item(s)

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