Boutique Biomin Toothpaste

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  • Boutique Biomin Toothpaste should be used 2 weeks prior to whitening, and throughout the whitening process.
  • It can be used after the whitening is completed to help maintain white teeth and reduce the symptoms of sensitivity.
  •  Boutique Biomin formula contains a new generation of bioactive glass, incorporating fluoride, phosphate and calcium ions which are released gradually over 12 hours.As it dissolves, the glass structure precipitates as fluorapatite which aids remineralisation of tooth enamel.
  • Fluorapatite is more stable and resistant to acidic attack than hydroxyapatite formed by previous generation bioactive glass.
  •  Biomin particles chemically bond to calcium in the enamel, and as they dissolve the ions occlude exposed dentinal tubules which prevents hydraulic conductance, and reduces sensitivity.
  • Biomin is engineered for ‘smart activation’ in acidic environments, such as following consumption of certain food and drink.
  •  Low pH causes the bioactive glass to dissolve more rapidly, neutralising the acid, restoring pH balance and replacing lost minerals
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