Caries Detector - Dentalife

Caries Detector - Dentalife

Product Code : DL6112X

Dental Professionals Product Only

This product is RESTRICTED and only available to Dental professionals whom are currently registered with the Dental Board of Australia and/or Dental Students who are currently undertaking their examination with the Australian Dental Council (ADC). By checking the agree box, I agree that I meet these terms & conditions.

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Assists in the effective removal of infected (carious) dentine / tissue in the treatment of acute and chronic caries. Other attributes include the removal of stainable tissue and heavy natural discolouration in the restoration of pulpless teeth, in endodontic treatment to assist in the complete removal of stainable tissue to support aseptic treatment, detection of demineralised carious enamel and root surfaces and disclosure of dental plaque.

  • Simple application
  • Assists in complete removal of infected dentine
  • Overreduction avoided in acute caries
  • Underreduction avoided in chronic caries
  • Assists in painless removal of carious (infected) dentine
  • Each pack contains 2 x 2.5ml syringes + 10 dispensing tips

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