Tissue Trimmer FG-CER

Brand: STRAUSS & CO.
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Head Length: 5.0mm 
Head Size: 1.6mm 

As an alternative to using scalpel or electro – surgery. Designed for soft-tissue surgery, the ceramic tissue trimmer is a rotary instrument that can be used as an alternative to electrosurgery and surgical blades. 

  • The biocompatible hard oxide point is said to cut tissue without burning.
  • Applications include modeling gingiva, opening the sulcus for impression, freeing deep cavities, lacerating inter-radicular granulation-tissue, removing gingival hyperplasia/papillectomies, and exposing intra-osseous implant sections and retinated teeth. 
  • The special porcelain of the working section separates the tissue and reduces bleeding (coagulation). 
  • Reduced heat build up prevents necroses during treatment. 
  • The high stability of the Soft Tissue Trimmer allows rapid, safe gingival preparation. 
  • To be used without any water/spray cooling 300.000 – 500.000

Soft Tissue Trimmer:

  • Gingivectomy (eliminating hyperplastic gingiva)
  • Recovering implants
  • Interradicular debridement to remove granulated tissue
  • Excising mucosa to expose impacted/ partially impacted teeth
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