Cervical Matrix - TDV

Cervical Matrix - TDV

Cervical Matrix Kit (TDV-0018)+ $39.00
100 Assorted Refill Pack (TDV-0019)+ $28.00
20 X-Small Refill Pack (TDV-0020)+ $12.50
20 Small Refill Pack (TDV-0021)+ $12.50
20 Medium Refill Pack (TDV-0022)+ $12.50
20 Large Refill Pack (TDV-0023)+ $12.50
20 X-Large Refill Pack (TDV-0024)+ $12.50
Product Information


  • Transparent matrices system for Class V Restorations
  • Composite can be light cured through the matrix while it's contained under pressure, obtaining a smooth surface that will require less adjustments and just a simple polishing.
  • Due to it's multiple sizes, they can be easily adapted to all Class V Restorations
  • Does not adhere to composites or glass ionomers.


Available in:

Kit - Includes 2 instruments + 10 assorted matrices

100 Pack Refill  - assorted matrices in 5 different sizes

20 Pack Refill - available in 20 pack in sizes x-small, small, medium, large & X-Large.

( price is per pack or Kit)


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