Clinidet - Instrument & Equipment Detergent

Clinidet - Instrument & Equipment Detergent

5L Bottle (CND5LX)+ $38.50
Empty Trigger Spray Bottle 500ml (VMS500ML)+ $6.40
15L Drum (CND15LX)+ $105.00
Product Information


 Clinidet is the perfect detergent for manual & ultrasonic cleaning. Clinidet features include:

  • Excellent wetting (detergency) across a broad temperature range
  • Very low foaming under dynamic conditions even at ambient temperature
  • Corrosion inhibitor incorporated into the fomulation
  • Mild alkaline formulation
  • Improved performance in hard water
  • No irritating or hazardous ingredients
  • Excellent in systems operating under dynamic conditions where continuous, rapid surface-interface formation requires quick migration of surfactant to effect good wetting

Clinidet Advantages include:

  • Highly efficient cleaner for the removal of organic substances especially blood, proteins, fats & lipids
  • Powerful as a cleaner yet gentle to high quality instruments & equipment
  • Mild alkaline formulation greatly improves the solubilisation of proteins & fats compared with neutral detergents
  • Overcomes hard water problems in rural areas
  • Safe and effective with "mist" free applicator
  • Safe to store & transport
  • formulated to meet requirements of AS/NZS 4187-2003 and ASINZS 4815-2001
  • Available in a 500ml Trigger Dispenser pack, 5L Bottle & 15L Drum. 8ml pump for 5L bottle is sold seperately.

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