Composite Finishing Burs - Strauss & Co

Composite Finishing Burs - Strauss & Co

E4 Extra Extra Fine 6/pack (E4XXF)+ $33.50
E5 Extra Extra Fine 6/pack (E5XXF)+ $33.50
K2 Extra Extra Fine 6/pack (K2XXF)+ $33.50
PR2 Extra Extra Fine 6/pack (PR2XXF)+ $33.50
PR15 Extra Extra Fine 6/pack (PR15XXF)+ $33.50
A4 Extra Extra Fine 6/pack (A4XXF)+ $33.50
M42SH2 Super Finish 2/pack (M4SH2)+ $45.00
K2RSH2 Super Finish 2/pack (K2RSH2)+ $45.00
E9SH2 Super Finish 2/pack (E9SH2)+ $45.00
Product Information


  • Strauss composite finishing burs are designed to make the dreadful task of composite finishing significantly simpler, shorter and more efficient while giving excellent clinical results.
  • These burs will enable the dentist to polish the composite without the need to use discs, paste or polishers.
  • The XXF (extra extra fine) burs are marked with a purple band and the Shine 2 - SH2 burs are marked with a white band.
  • We recommend using the XXF burs to reach the correct morphology and then the SH2 burs to reach the high shine finish.
  • The XXF Burs are packaged 6 pcs per pack. The Composite Super Finish Burs are packaged 2 pcs per pack.


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