Crown Forms Kits - TDV

Crown Forms Kits - TDV

Adult Anterior Teeth (TDV-0037)+ $41.00
Adult Posterior Teeth (TDV-0038)+ $41.00
Anterior and Posterior Deciduous Teeth (TDV-0039)+ $41.00
Product Information


  • These transparent crowns produced by TDV are available for anterior and posterior teeth for adults and deciduous teeth.
  • Manufactured from a composition of materials that makes them totally transparent.
  • Applicable with composites, bi-acrylic and acrylic resins.


Available in the following packs:-

Adult Anterior Teeth ( upper and lower anterior teeth): 64 pieces / pack

Adult Posterior Teeth: 64 pieces / pack

Anterior and Posterior Deciduous Teeth: 64 pieces / pack

( prices are per pack)


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