Curaprox Single CS 1009 Toothbrush

Curaprox Single CS 1009 Toothbrush

Product Code : CD-CS1009
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  • Perfect along the gum line. So small and yet the perfect toothbrush. The CS "Single" gently and effectively cleans the gum line and the surfaces behind the molars, which are hard to get at. Daily use of the CS "Single", combined with the use of CURAPROX interdental brushes, guarantees all-round perfect oral hygiene. Plaque and periodontal diseases no longer stand a chance.
  • Do the test: your tongue will notice the difference at once. After brushing, your teeth feel smooth and clean.
  • 9-mm long, especially for cleaning of implants, brackets and attachments.
  • Colour supplied may vary. Each toothbrush is sold individually.

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