Patient Bibs - 3 Ply

Patient Bibs - 3 Ply

White (B3PW-003)+ $29.90
Green (B3PG-003)+ $29.90
Blue (B3PB-003)+ $29.90
Lavender (B3PL-003)+ $29.90
Pink (B3PP-003)+ $29.90
Yellow (B3PY-003)+ $29.90
Rainbow - 100 x Blue, Green, Lavender, Pink, White (B3PR-003)+ $31.90
Black (B3PBK-001)+ $31.90
Product Information


The Orien Patient Bibs are made of a 3-ply durable material consisting of an absorbent 2-ply tissue with an external 1-ply Poly finish. This results in a superior quality patient bib for maximum absorption and patient protection.

  • Color code your office / workspace. Available in a variety of fun colors
  • Plastic wrapped packaged in cartons. 4 packs of 125 bibs.
  • Each bib measures 46cm x 33cm
  • Each carton contains 500 bibs.

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