Dentocrown - Self-Curing Temporary Crown & Bridge Material

Dentocrown - Self-Curing Temporary Crown & Bridge Material

A2 Cartridge Pack (ITE-DWN50-A2X)+ $118.95
A2 Automix Pack (ITE-DWNAX-A2X)+ $49.90
A3 Automix Pack (ITE-DWNAX-A3X)+ $49.90
A3 Cartridge Pack (ITE-DWN50-A3X)+ $118.95
A1 Cartridge Pack (ITE-DWN50-A1X)+ $118.95

Dental Professionals Product Only

This product is RESTRICTED and only available to Dental professionals whom are currently registered with the Dental Board of Australia and/or Dental Students who are currently undertaking their examination with the Australian Dental Council (ADC). By checking the agree box, I agree that I meet these terms & conditions.

Product Information



  • Resin based formula
  • Excellent compressive (210MPa) & flexural strength (50MPa - 10 mins)
  • Low polymerization shrinkage
  • Low exothermic polymerization reaction
  • Easy retreival
  • Aesthetic result - high stability of color and fluorescence natural shine
  • Easy polishing and finishing - perfect appearance in any light
  • Standard dispenser
  • Can be used on vital teeth



  • Crowns
  • Bridges
  • Inlays & Onlays

Available in ( price is pack) ;

Cartridge pack - 1 x 50ml (76g) cartridge + 10 mixing tips for standard gun 1:1 - A2 shade

Automix Syringe pack - 1 x 5ml (8g) syringe + 10 mixing tips - A2 or A3 shade


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