Porcelain RA Polishers - Strauss & Co

Porcelain RA Polishers - Strauss & Co

Flame RDRA16 Fine (RDRA16F)+ $18.50 (10 In Stock)
Flame RDRA16 Medium (RDRA16M)+ $18.50 (15 In Stock)
Flame RDRA16 Coarse (RDRA16C)+ $18.50 (42 In Stock)
Cup RDRA17 Fine (RDRA17F)+ $18.50 (9 In Stock)
Cup RDRA17 Medium (RDRA17M)+ $18.50 (8 In Stock)
Cup RDRA17 Coarse (RDRA17C)+ $18.50 (7 In Stock)
Spiral RDRA14 Fine (RDRA14F)+ $21.50 (12 In Stock)
Spiral RDRA14 Medium (RDRA14M)+ $21.50 (10 In Stock)
Spiral RDRA14 Coarse (RDRA14C)+ $21.50 (8 In Stock)
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  • These NEW Strauss Spiral polishers are unique and unparalleled in design and performance, unlike anything else currently offered.
  • These diamond impregnated polishing spirals will give your restorations a brilliant paste-like gloss –without any messy paste.
  • The unique , flexible but tough shape, adapts to all tooth surfaces
  • They are multi-use, can be sterilized and reused (up-to 15 to 20 uses).
  • Each polisher is sold individually

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