Gingisage Retraction Paste, Box of 20

Gingisage Retraction Paste, Box of 20

Product Code : GSR02-20
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The first Aluminum Chloride free gingival retraction paste by Kereden Laboratory. The original inventors of Expasyl*.


The hemostatic action of Gingisage is more effective as it works in 3 ways:

  • Compression of the paste
  • Kaolin absorbs blood and crevicular fluid
  • Contains astringent - Ferric Chloride
  • The first Aluminium Chloride Free paste to manage sulcular opening and hemostasis simultaneously without the need of a retraction cord.
As the amount of chloride in GINGISAGE™ is lower (Other pastes: approximately 9% GINGISAGE™ approximately 6%) the unpleasant taste and possible drawbacks are reduced. The single use capsules are designed and tested to deliver a thin cord for improved ergonomics. Gingisage is packaged in a box of 20 single capsules.


*EXPASYL is a trademark of Produit dentaires Pierre Rolland - Acteon Group


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