Hylodent Mouthwash 500ml

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Care for teeth and gums

Hylodent Mouthwash - the perfect supplement to the organic dental care and oral hygiene with Hylodent toothpaste. The mouthwash reaches areas the toothbrush cannot reach such as gingival pockets which are difficult to access.

Its special caring complex with hyaluronic acid and xylitol was developed following the latest scientific insights. It supports a healthy oral flora and helps to prevent dental plaque and caries – without harsh chemicals.

Hyaluronic acid soothes irritated gums in a natural way and has an anti-inflammatory effect. Hyaluronic acid is well known from cosmetics, however less common is its role in medicine and dentistry. Hyaluronic acid is extremely well tolerated since it is a natural element of the human body with many important tasks.

  • Binds enormous amounts of water – up to six litres per gram
  • Gums easily absorb hyaluronic acid. Thanks to its ability to bind water it helps to tighten the gums giving them a firm, younger appearance.
  • Hyaluronic acid supports wound healing and regeneration of tissue.
  • A substance the human body uses itself to fight attacks of bacteria.

Hylodent uses this natural antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effect.

Xylitol is a sugar substitute with a surprising effect. Bacteria causing caries cannot digest it, therefore without nutrition, the bacteria cannot reproduce, and their numbers decrease. Besides this inhibiting effect on bacteria, xylitol appears to support the remineralization of teeth.

Alcohol has a drying effect on mucous membranes and as Hylodent mouthwash does not contain alcohol, it is suitable for children. The mouthwash leaves a fresh mint taste in the mouth.

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