Hylodent Raspberry Lozenges, 200 Pack

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Oral care on the go

Hylodent oral care lozenges are perfect for oral health on the go. Its special organic care complex with hyaluronic acid, xylitol and the probiotic lactobacillus reuteri was developed considering latest scientific insights. It complements daily oral care routine reasonably without any effort.

Hylodent lozenges can support a healthy oral flora because they support the beneficial bacteria and inhibit the growth of harmful bacteria, preventing caries and dental plaque. A healthy oral flora can avoid or at least ameliorate halitosis.

Hyaluronic acid is extremely well tolerated since it is a natural element of the human body with many important tasks:

  • Gums easily absorb hyaluronic acid, helping to tighten the gums giving them a firm, younger appearance.
  • Supports wound healing and regeneration of tissue.
  • A substance the human body uses to fight attacks of bacteria.

Xylitol is a sugar substitute with a surprising effect. Bacteria causing caries cannot digest it, therefore without nutrition, the bacteria cannot reproduce, and their numbers decrease. Besides this inhibiting effect on bacteria, xylitol appears to support the remineralization of teeth.

The probiotic lactobacillus reuteri is naturally found in the human body. There appears to be a relation between the colonization with the beneficial lactobacillus reuteri and the destruction of other harmful bacteria. If the bacterium is missing or is low in numbers, it is more likely the body suffers from infections, a factor also recognised in dentistry.

In trials the supplementation with lactobacillus reuteri was able to support the treatment of periodontitis and reduction in gingival pocket depths. This is evidence for lactobacillus reuteri supporting a healthy oral flora, thus the best way to prevent caries, dental plaque and halitosis.

After slowly dissolving in the mouth the slightly rough lozenges, the teeth will feel clean and smooth. They leave a pleasant taste of fresh mint or raspberry. Lozenges are available in mint or raspberry, 100 or 200 pieces.

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