ABS Impression Trays

ABS Impression Trays

Small Upper (TABS-005)+ $8.90
Small Lower (TABS-006)+ $8.90
Medium Upper (TABS-003)+ $8.90
Medium Lower (TABS-004)+ $8.90
Large Upper (TABS-001)+ $8.90
Large Lower (TABS-002)+ $8.90
Up Right / Low Left Quadrant (TABS-007)+ $8.90
Up Left/ Low Right Quadrant (TABS-008)+ $8.90
Anterior (TABS-009)+ $8.90
Product Information



  • Disposable
  • Made of a quality high-impact ABS material to ensure stability and accurate results without distortion

Available in Small, Medium & Large : Upper & Lower sizes. 12 pieces / pack ( price is per pack)


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