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  • Brush Sticks

    Brush Sticks

  • Spatula for Alginate & Plaster - Derby

    Spatula for Alginate & Plaster - Derby

  • Orange Solvent Spray - Hager Wergen

    Orange Solvent Spray - Hager Wergen

  • Impression Gun 4:1

    Impression Gun 4:1

  • Orange Solvent Liquid - Ainsworth

    Orange Solvent Liquid - Ainsworth

  • Impression Gun 1:1 - Itena

    Impression Gun 1:1 - Itena

  • Mixing Cups - Non Stick

    Mixing Cups - Non Stick

    Price from $3.50
  • Impression Gun 1:1

    Impression Gun 1:1

  • Mixing Bowl

    Mixing Bowl

  • Cement Mixing Spatulas

    Cement Mixing Spatulas

  • Spatulas- Handle Type

    Spatulas- Handle Type

  • Impression Cleaning Container -Noalvat

    Impression Cleaning Container -Noalvat


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Impression Accessories

At Orien Dental Supplies, we provide professional dental practitioners with a wide range of high-quality impression accessories from the best brands, including ADM and Itena Clinical.

Impression Guns and Adhesives

Our selection of impression accessories includes a variety of impression guns for standard 1:1 ratio cartridges that are perfect for spreading impression materials with minimal effort. We also stock a selection of adhesive materials for alginate trays, polyether trays, silicone trays and other impression trays. Other adhesive-related products we offer include brushstix for applying adhesives, adhesive thinners, and adhesive removers.

Cleaning Products and Mixing Equipment

Our range of impression accessories contains a variety of mixing equipment and cleaning products. Our dental impression mixing tips, cups, bowls and sticks are available in a number of different sizes and colours for you to choose from, while our cleaning products range from impression disinfectants for removing potential micro-organisms through to concentrated dental tray cleaners.