Insafe Safety Syringe System

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Insafe Self-Aspirating Safety Syringe, Thumb TypeINSS1
inSafe Needle Adaptor Metric Blue, Pack of 250ISNAMB
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InSafe Needle Adaptor Imperial Yellow, Pack of 250ISNAIY
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Insafe Sharps Container 1LINSC1L
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Insafe Sharps Container BaseINSCB
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  • Unique and new anaesthetic safety system
  • InSafe provides a unique syringe and sharps box that ensures that the contaminated needle is never exposed except when giving the actual injection and dismantling of the needle at the end of the procedure is one-handed and with no risk of injury to your assistant.
  • Compatible with any existing needle (max length 38mm), works with existing 1.8mL or 2.2mL anaesthetic cartridgesDismantling of the needle at the end of the procedure is one-handed and poses no risk of injury. No other system offers this level of protection.
  • The only reusable syringe that protects staff from start to finish
  • Can be fully dismantled for sterilisation
  • Feels and weighs like a traditional syringe
  • Doesn’t require any change of technique by the dentist
  • Works with all standard dental needles
  • Works with all anaesthetic cartridges (1.8 & 2.2ml)
  • Saves time - up to 10 minutes per patient
  • inSafe sharps container will fit in standard sharps bin which saves on sharps disposal costs
  • Best New Product Winner - The Dental Awards 2009

Available components:

InSafe Safety Syringe

Needle Adapter - Metric Thread Blue (250 pcs / pack)

Needle Adapter - Imperial Thread Yellow (250 pcs / pack)

Sharps Container (1 Litre)

Sharps Container Base

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