Knitted Retraction Cords - Smartcord

Knitted Retraction Cords - Smartcord

000 XX-Fine, 305cm (SC-03)+ $19.80
00 X-Fine, 305cm (SC-02)+ $19.80
0 Fine, 305cm (SC-0)+ $19.80
1 Medium, 305cm (SC-1)+ $19.80
2 Thick, 305cm (SC-2)+ $19.80
Product Information


  • Smartcord is made of Non-impregnated 100% cotton, which is safe and makes moisture control effective without gingival irritation.
  • Knitted - Better absorbency and expansion than the braided or twisted types.
  • Safe - Smartcord is dyed with hydrophilic dye without fluorescent whitening agents, which makes it safe to use without any side effects
  • Features a Bobbin - Smartcord has a bobbin in the case which the gingival retraction cord is spooled on, helping it stay tangle free.
  • Clear Window -Smartcord has a small window that makes checking the remaining length of the gingival cord easy.
  • Easy Cutting - Smartcord comes with a cutting blade in the case, so the cord can be easily cut, keeping it hygienic. It is convenient and also decreases the chances of contamination.
  • Smart Ruler - Smartcord has a ruler designed on the label, letting you measure the required length, simple and accurate.
  • Colour Coded for easy size identification
  • 305cm length (price is per bottle)



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