Microcut Kit (TDV-3030)+ $59.00 (47 In Stock)
Microcut Diamond Strip Refill Pack (TDV3032)+ $20.50 (37 In Stock)
Microcut Saw Blade Refill Pack (TDV3031)+ $20.50 (62 In Stock)
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  • Microcut is a saw bow to which saws or interchangeable diamond strips are adapted.
  • It is the only device really assuring safety to the professional and the patient for the removal of resin, adhesive, cement, and amalgam excesses from proximals.


Available in a kit (1 Hacksaw frame, 1 saw blade and 1 diamond strip), Saw Blade Refill (5 pcs/pack) and Diamond Strip Refills (5 pcs/pack)




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