Mouth Mirrors Heads

Mouth Mirrors Heads

Front Surface Size #3 - 20mm (MM-FS3)+ $21.90
Front Surface Size #4 - 22mm (MM-FS4)+ $21.90
Front Surface Size #5 - 24mm (MM-FS5)+ $21.90
Plane Surface Size #4 - 22mm (DD105-4)+ $20.50
Plane Surface Size #5 - 24mm (DD105-5)+ $20.50
Product Information


  • Front surface mirrors are coated on the top of the mirror glass for the clearest ghost-free image and maximum reflection
  • Plane surface shows the light reflected from the top of the glass as well as from the silver layer.
  • Rhodium Coated and titanium dioxide overcoated.
  • Stems triple welded to cups for superior safety
  • 12 mirrors per box (price is per box)

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