Fleximeter Strips - Bausch

Fleximeter Strips - Bausch

Pink 1.0mm thickness, Pack 15 (BK250)+ $45.90
Green 1.5mm thickness, Pack 15 (BK251)+ $45.90
Blue 2.0mm thickness, Pack 15 (BK252)+ $45.90
Assorted thickness, Pack 15 (BK253)+ $45.90
Assorted thickness, Pack 3 (BK254)+ $13.20
Product Information


  • These strips are flexible measuring instruments in three different thicknesses.
  • They measure the height of the preparation on grinding teeth for restoration (e.g. crowns, bridges or telescopic crowns).
  • Available in different thicknesses which can be used to enlarge the vertical dimension (height of bite)
  • Made of an Autoclavable silicone rubber
  • Arti-Spot or Arti-Spray can be applied to the Fleximeter-Strips, and used as a marking indicatior when measuring the height of the preparation.

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