Odontoprep, 15g Tube

Odontoprep, 15g Tube

Product Code : ADM010X

Dental Professionals Product Only

This product is RESTRICTED and only available to Dental professionals whom are currently registered with the Dental Board of Australia and/or Dental Students who are currently undertaking their examination with the Australian Dental Council (ADC). By checking the agree box, I agree that I meet these terms & conditions.

Product Information


  • Odontoprep is a lubricant for endodontic files and was designed to be used in conjunction with Odontopaste.
  • It is formulated in such a way that it adds only one additional ingredient to the root canal hence ensuring that there is no interference of Odontoprep with Odontopaste or Odontocide.
  • Odontoprep has been tested with Odontopaste to ensure that the materials are compatible. Odontoprep contains mandelic acid and EDTA in a water soluble gel.
  • Odontoprep is also clear so vision, particularly with microscopes, is not impaired.
  • 15g Tube

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