prophy paste

Orien Dental Supplies stocks a great range of dental prophy pastes, ideal for removing tartar, stains and discolouration from teeth.

We’re proud to offer the popular Defend prophylaxis paste. This paste features a smooth, reduced-splatter formula that also contains 1.23% fluoride ion. Using a special blend of cleaning and polishing agents, this prophy paste offers a safe and effective way of removing tooth stains. It’s also provided in the form of convenient individual cups that are ideal for use with the included prophy ring. Choose from a medium or coarse paste, with cherry and fresh mint flavours available.

 We also stock the Optum prophylaxis paste, a medium grit paste that’s available in either fluoride – free or 0.22% Fluoride options. With pleasant flavours including wild berry, bubble gum, tropical and fresh mint, this paste provides an efficient cleaning with no left over grit residuals.

In addition, we stock Ainsworth prophy paste, a splatter-free formula that offers enough abrasion to remove staining and discolouration, and will gradually become less coarse in the mouth to facilitate the final polishing. Available in spearmint, banana & bubble-gum flavour.