paro® slider Refill M interdental brushes

paro® slider Refill M interdental brushes

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  • The innovative paro®slider makes tedious efforts to locate spaces between teeth with interdental brushes a thing of the past, enabling easier and more effective closed-mouth cleaning of interdental spaces than ever before.
  • The soft, anatomically designed, cup-shaped paro®slider enables you to easily feel the interdental space. Gently moving the anti-slip button back and forth allows the interdental brush to slide smoothly into the space.
  • The paro®slider can also be used for cleaning braces as well as implant-crowns and -bridges
  • Slits on the sides enable application of fluoride or CHX gel for additional care of interdental spaces. They also allow for easy rinsing and air-drying after use – thus guaranteeing optimal hygiene.
  • M Refill Pack interdental brushes (Ø0.4 mm I Ø2.7 - 3.4 mm)
  • 6 pieces per pack (price is per pack)




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