Perfect Polish - One Step Diamond Polishers

Perfect Polish - One Step Diamond Polishers

Flame 12 Pack (ITE-PPF12)+ $36.90 (59 In Stock)
Disc 12 Pack (ITE-PPD12)+ $36.90 (14 In Stock)
Cup 12 Pack (ITE-PPC12)+ $36.90 (26 In Stock)
Assorted 12 Pack (ITE-PP12)+ $36.90 (46 In Stock)
Product Information



  • Composites
  • Copolymers
  • Glass Ionomers


  •   Polishers made of a reinforced silicone with diamond powder.
  • High efficiency and a very aesthetic result
  • Excellent quality of polish and luster, in one step!
  • Perfect finish with just a change of pressure - Polish the composite using the same polisher. Start with higher pressure and speed to remove the general roughness. Reduce speed and contact pressure to create a high gloss on your restoration without the need to change the polisher.
  • Autoclavable - Can be sterilized without alterations to these burs


  • Disc polishers for anterior restoration
  • Flame or Cup polishers for posterior restoration, palatin faces or lingual faces

Available in 12 Pack. Flame, Cup, Disc or Assorted Pack



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