Disposable Triplex Syringe Tips - ProTip

Disposable Triplex Syringe Tips - ProTip

Pro-Tip Turbo Disposable Triplex Syringes 250 pcs / bag (990524)+ $107.80
Pro-Tip Triplex Handpiece (990523)+ $260.00
Protip Convertor Adec AD106 (990501)+ $28.50
Protip Convertor Belmont BE 107 (990506)+ $63.50
ProTip Replacement Converter DCI (990517)+ $45.00
Protip Convertor Kavo 103 (990516)+ $58.90
Protip Convertor Kavo 139 (990520)+ $250.00
Protip Convertor Kavo KA 101 (990505)+ $79.00
Protip Convertor Kavo KA 138 (990509)+ $79.00
Protip Convertor Luzzani LU135 (990513)+ $48.00
Protip Convertor Sirona Siemens SM117 (990508)+ $250.00
Protip Convertor Sirona Sprayvit SE137 (990521)+ $91.00
Protip Convertor Luzzani LU146 (990527)+ $30.80
Product Information


The Double Chamber Design Keeps Water and Air Separate...Guaranteed!

Many dental procedures require instant, clean, dry air. Pro-Tip Turbo has a unique 2-chamber system to separate air from water. This guarantees instant dry air when and where you need it. Por-Tip Turbo also produces a perfect mist every time.

  • New high power air jet
  • Prevents cross contamination
  • Dry air everytime and perfect misted spray
  • Exclusive locking system ecures tip safely. Critical in a modern WH & S conscious practice
  • Sealed separation of air and water
  • Rigid for effective cheek retraction
  • Protip Triplex required for use with Pro Tip Turbo Triplex Syringes.

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