RAOS 2, Pack 5 (RAOS2)

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  • RA (22mm) 5 pcs per pack (price is per pack)
  • RAOS (26mm) 5 pcs per pack (price is per pack)
  • FGSS (16mm) 10 pcs per pack (price is per pack)
  • FG (19mm) 10 pcs per pack (price is per pack)
  • FGOS (24mm) 3 pcs per pack (price is per pack)
  • HP (44.5mm) 1 pc per pack (price is per pack)

Highest quality raw materials: One-piece tungsten carbide:

  • Zero vibration.
  • Superior durability.
  • Optimal cutting efficiency.
  • Ability to withstand repeated sterilization without rusting.

The most concentric bur ever produced - consistent in size resulting in:

  • Efficient cutting.
  • Less chatter.
  • Superior control.
  • Better finish.

CNC (Computer Numerical Control) precision manufacturing produces a top quality rotary instrument product that exceeds industry standards for quality and precision.

  • Specific blade configurations produce optimal cutting, efficient finishing and outstanding durability.
  • Sharper blades = more working time per bur.

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