Regular Body 1:1 Pack 2 - Hydrospeed HD

Regular Body 1:1 Pack 2 - Hydrospeed HD

Regular Body (ITE-HYDBR-X)+ Special Price $25.00 Regular Price: $47.25
Regular Body Quick (ITE-HYDBQR-X)+ $47.25
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  • Regular Body Hardness is 53A (shore hardness)
  • Each pack contains 2 x 50ml cartridges
  • An exceptional precision impression material: A unique chemical association that improves the properties of every component: 2 complementary: Hydrophilic Non Ionic Surfactant+ 1 alkaline aluminum silicate . The aluminium silicate acts as a sponge and provides protection of the platinum catalyst by absorbing  wetness. THis is an exclusive innovation by Itena Clinical.
  • Excellent hydrophilic behavior.
  • Excellent dimensional accuracy and surface detail reproduction in wet oral cavity conditions.
  • Outstanding Thixotropic properties
  • Ability to better flow under mechanical constraints

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