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  • Miller Articulating Forceps - Bausch

    Miller Articulating Forceps - Bausch

  • Approximal Contact Forceps

    Approximal Contact Forceps

  • Miller Articulating Forceps - Derby

    Miller Articulating Forceps - Derby


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Dental Articulating Forceps

At Orien Dental Supplies, we stock a selection of high-quality dental articulating forceps that are ideal for use with articulating papers and films. Explore our selection today to find the articulating forceps that best meet the needs of your dental clinic.

About Our Articulating Forceps Range

Our online store stocks a number of options for dental articulating forceps. We proudly offer miller articulating forceps that are made in Italy by Derby Instruments / ASA Dental. We also stock Bausch Arti-Fol miller articulating forceps that are specially designed for handling and placing articulating films. Whatever the needs of your clinic entail, you’re sure to discover a suitable solution within our online range.