Sore Spot Indicator Paste - Bausch Bio-Ink Flow

Sore Spot Indicator Paste - Bausch Bio-Ink Flow

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Product Information


  • Bio-Ink®-Flow is a green, highly viscous, easy to apply paste for marking sore spots on the gum and locating them on the denture. 
  • Bio-Ink®-Flow is intended for marking points, areas and lines on the oral mucosa, such as sore spots, A-line, mucosal bands, folds and denture flanges.
  • The relevant areas are coloured with Bio-Ink®-Flow on the previously dried mucosa. When the dried denture is inserted, the colour which has been applied to the sore spot gets transferred, then the removable restoration can be adjusted.
  • Each kit includes:- 1 x 1ml Bio-Ink® Paste , 1 holder for applicator, 50 x applicators Magic-Brush for single-use, 10 x Single Use Applicator needles + Instructions

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