Ultrasonic Cleaning Solutions

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  • DEFEND Ultrasonic / Enzymatic Tablets

    DEFEND Ultrasonic / Enzymatic Tablets

  • Clinidet - Instrument & Equipment Detergent

    Clinidet - Instrument & Equipment Detergent

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  • Instrument & Equipment Detergent - Clinimax

    Instrument & Equipment Detergent - Clinimax

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  • Instrument Pre-Wash Cleaner - Clinisoak

    Instrument Pre-Wash Cleaner - Clinisoak

  • DART Anti-Rust Tablets - Dentalife

    DART Anti-Rust Tablets - Dentalife


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Ultrasonic Tablets and Cleaning Solutions

At Orien Dental Supplies, we’re proud to offer a range of ultrasonic tablets and cleaning solutions to ensure dental instruments and equipment are kept as clean as possible. Our range includes an enzymatic tablet that can be dissolved in 4.5 litres of water in under a minute, neutral enzyme cleaner for cleaning of blood and other protein deposits, and instrument and equipment detergent with a mild alkaline formulation.

Ultrasonic Tablets

We stock ultrasonic tablets from Defend that are suitable for a variety of cleaning applications. Each enzymatic tablet is free of chlorine, non-corrosive, fast dissolving, and can be used as an instrument pre-soak and evacuation system cleaner.

Cleaning Detergents

In addition to ultrasonic tablets, our range includes a number of cleaning detergents and solutions that are suitable for dental practices, including:

  • Clinidet instrument and equipment detergent
  • Clinimax instrument and equipment detergent
  • Medizyme neutral enzyme cleaner
  • Clini-Soak instrument pre-wash cleaner