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  • Cotton Filled Gauze Sponges

    Cotton Filled Gauze Sponges

  • Sterile Gauze Swabs - Sentry

    Sterile Gauze Swabs - Sentry

    Price from $0.50
  • Saliva Guards - Absorbent Saliva Pads

    Saliva Guards - Absorbent Saliva Pads

    Price from $16.50
  • Cotton Pellets Bulk - Richmond

    Cotton Pellets Bulk - Richmond

    Price from $5.00
  • Non-Woven Sponges - Vantage One

    Non-Woven Sponges - Vantage One

    Price from $3.80
  • Cotton Tip Applicators

    Cotton Tip Applicators

    Price from $11.50
  • Cotton Roll Dispenser - Press Type

    Cotton Roll Dispenser - Press Type

  • Sterile Gauze - Handy

    Sterile Gauze - Handy

  • Cotton Roll Holder

    Cotton Roll Holder

    Special Price $5.00

    Regular Price: $26.00

  • Vantage One Size 2 Cotton Rolls, Box of 2000

    Vantage One Size 2 Cotton Rolls, Box of 2000

  • Moist Refresher Towelettes

    Moist Refresher Towelettes

  • Cotton Buds

    Cotton Buds


Items 1 to 12 of 15

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Dentist Cotton Products

Ideal for absorbing and controlling saliva and blood, cotton is an indispensable tool in every dentist’s arsenal. That’s why Orien Dental Supplies offers a vast array of disposable dentist cotton products, including dental cotton rolls, sterile gauze, saliva guards, cotton tip applicators and more.

Cotton Tips, Rolls, Rods and Pellets

In addition to cotton rolls for dental use that are made from 100% virgin cotton, enabling them to absorb saliva while not sticking to mucous membranes, we also offer bendable cotton rods that are designed to reduce a patient’s saliva flow, keep their mouth open, and retract their cheeks. Other products we supply include tip applicators made from 100% cotton buds, dental gauze, dental gauze pads, sterile gauze swabs, and cotton pellets that provide ultimate absorbency for various purposes.

Dentist Cotton Saliva Guards

Cotton saliva guards are ideal for reducing saliva during dental work. We stock thin absorbent saliva pads that can absorb up to 30 times their weight, providing an effective solution for controlling saliva.

Cotton Dispensers and Holders

In addition to a comprehensive range of surgical cotton rolls and cotton gauze products, we also stock excellent cotton roll dispenser options. Choose from a dental cotton roll holder with a weighted bottom and stainless steel pins to keep rolls upright, or a convenient press type dental cotton roll dispenser that releases a dental cotton roll with every press.