Bite Registration 1:1 Pack 2 - Defend

Bite Registration 1:1 Pack 2 - Defend

Regular Set (DBR-9001X)+ $58.90
Fast Set (DBR-9002X)+ $58.90
Super Fast Set (DBR-9003X)+ $58.90
Product Information


  • The Defend Bite Registration Material is a Mousse-like and Thixotropic, fluffy vinyl polysiloxane material. Used for bite registration, copying transfers, and primary impression with bite trays.
  • The Thixotropic material has an excellent durometer of over 80 and flows easily, yet will not run or sag
  • Received a recommended product 4.1/5 rating from the Dental Product Shopper.
  • Unflavored High performance cartridge system (2 x 50ml cartridges per pack) available in regular and fast set


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