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  • ABS Impression Trays

    ABS Impression Trays

    Price from $8.90
  • Bite Registration Impression Trays

    Bite Registration Impression Trays

    Price from $22.00
  • DryNoAL Dental Tray Cleaner, 1kg Container

    DryNoAL Dental Tray Cleaner, 1kg Container

  • Edentulous Impression Trays

    Edentulous Impression Trays

    Price from $14.20
  • Implant Impression Trays - MIRATRAY

    Implant Impression Trays - MIRATRAY

    Price from $125.00
  • NoAL Dental Tray Cleaner

    NoAL Dental Tray Cleaner

    Price from $44.50
  • S/S Impression Trays Assorted Pack 12 - Derby

    S/S Impression Trays Assorted Pack 12 - Derby


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Dental Impression Trays

If you’re searching for a reputable supplier of dental impression trays, look no further than Orien Dental Supplies. We proudly stock a number of high-quality options in a variety of sizes, including dental trays that are constructed from durable, high-impact ABS material.

Trusted Dental Impression Tray Suppliers

Orien Dental Supplies offers a selection of dental trays in different types and sizes, making it easy for our customers to find the best option for their requirements.

Our edentulous dental impression trays are available in sizes including small, medium and large upper, and small, medium and large lower. Constructed from rigid plastic for higher accuracy, and featuring special grooves and perforations to ensure impression materials stay within the tray, these products are ideal for use in any dental practice across Australia.

As leading dental impression trays suppliers, we also stock 3 in 1 dental trays that include anterior, small quadrant, large quadrant and full arch options, as well as ABS impression trays that are made of a high-impact material to ensure a stable and accurate result.