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  • Fine Permanent Marker - Getinge

    Fine Permanent Marker - Getinge

  • Masking Tape - 3M Scotch

    Masking Tape - 3M Scotch

    Price from $5.00
  • Distilled Water

    Distilled Water

    Price from $9.90
  • SMS Sterile Wrap - Halyard (Kimguard)

    SMS Sterile Wrap - Halyard (Kimguard)

    Price from $180.00
  • Sterilization Pouches

    Sterilization Pouches

    Price from $4.90
  • Anti-Bacterial Pen - Getinge

    Anti-Bacterial Pen - Getinge

  • Bullet Tip Marker - Gentinge

    Bullet Tip Marker - Gentinge

  • Waterproof Washable Keyboard - Clinell

    Waterproof Washable Keyboard - Clinell

    Price from $165.00
  • EasyClean Silicone Mouse - Clinell

    EasyClean Silicone Mouse - Clinell

    Price from $85.00
  • Sterilisation Reels - Vantage One

    Sterilisation Reels - Vantage One

    Price from $22.00
  • Wireless Silicone Keyboard - Vantage One

    Wireless Silicone Keyboard - Vantage One

  • EasyClean Wireless Silicone Mouse - Vantage One

    EasyClean Wireless Silicone Mouse - Vantage One

    Price from $75.00

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Sterilization Products

Orien Dental Supplies offers a large range of sterilization products, including sterilization pouches, anti-bacterial pens and markers, accessories for autoclaves and more. Our range is guaranteed to provide dentists with the products they need to keep their sterilization process effective and safe.

Sterilisation Pouches

Keep your instruments sterile and protected from microbial infection with sterilisation pouches. Our pouches feature internal and external indicators so you can be confident in your sterilization compliancy.

Autoclave Accessories

Our range of sterilization products also includes sterilisation accessories. We stock a great range of accessories designed for use with your autoclave, including printer ribbons to suit a variety of models, indicator tape that’s easy to remove without leaving any residue, and even distilled water that’s suitable for all autoclaves.

If you require a writing implement for medical packaging that won’t contaminate or compromise medical microbial integrity, we stock a selection of suitable options. These include the Medimarc marker that that’s bleed resistant and autoclavable, and the Meditrax anti-bacterial pen that’s ideal for general purpose writing.