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  • Periotape Mini's Trial Pack

    Periotape Mini's Trial Pack

  • Dental Floss Nylon 100M

    Dental Floss Nylon 100M

  • paro Brush'n Floss

    paro Brush'n Floss

  • paro Classic Floss

    paro Classic Floss

  • Paro Riser Floss

    Paro Riser Floss

  • Dental Floss Nylon 50M

    Dental Floss Nylon 50M

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Dental Floss & Floss Picks

Orien Dental Supplies is proud to offer a complete range of dental floss products, designed to provide effective cleaning of interdental proximal.

Our selection of flossing products includes PTFE dental floss that allows for a thorough clean. We also stock options that are Teflon coated, minted, waxed and fluoridated, of which some are ideal for use with our dental floss holder handles.

In addition, we also offer a great range of dental floss picks and toothpicks, including mint flavoured options. Dental picks provide an easy solution when moistened with saliva before use, making them a fantastic alternative to traditional floss for dental use.