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  • Fluoride Trays

    Fluoride Trays

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  • Curasept Gel 0.5%

    Curasept Gel 0.5%

  • Chlorofluor Gel Bottle 30ml - PDS

    Chlorofluor Gel Bottle 30ml - PDS

  • Chlorofluor Gel Bottle 250ml - PDS

    Chlorofluor Gel Bottle 250ml - PDS


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Dental Fluoride Gel, Foam & More

Browse a wide range of fluoride products online at Orien Dental Supplies. With everything from dental fluoride foam and fluoride gel to fluoride trays, we’re sure to have the products you need for your dental practice.

Dental Fluoride Foam

At Orien Dental Supplies, we stock dental fluoride foam that's specially formulated to prevent dripping and minimise gagging, nausea and vomiting. Containing sodium fluoride and hydrofluoric acid, these fluoride foam formulations are available in a range of fantastic flavours, including mint, berry, bubblegum, and punch.

Fluoride Trays

Our Orien disposable fluoride trays feature a dual arched and hinged design that makes them suitable for dental fluoride gel and foam. Available in small, medium and large sizes, these quality fluoride trays can be ordered in packs of 50.

Chlorofluor Gel

Our Chlorofluor gel is a fluoride gel that's designed to prevent tooth decay and help treat gingivitis and plaque. With both 30ml and 250ml bottles available for purchase from our online store, place your order for dental fluoride gel today.