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  • Photo Kit - TDV

    Photo Kit - TDV

  • Brush Tips

    Brush Tips

  • Brush Handle

    Brush Handle

  • Composite Syringe Gun

    Composite Syringe Gun

  • Isotape - TDV

    Isotape - TDV

  • Odontopediatric Kit - TDV

    Odontopediatric Kit - TDV

  • Contact + Gold - TDV

    Contact + Gold - TDV

  • Capsule Applier

    Capsule Applier

  • Foil Mixing Pads - MGK

    Foil Mixing Pads - MGK

  • Provitemp Temporary Cement, Automix Pack (1 x 5ml)

    Provitemp Temporary Cement, Automix Pack (1 x 5ml)

  • Dispensing Tips

    Dispensing Tips

    Price from $12.90
  • Mixing Wells

    Mixing Wells

    Price from $24.90

Items 1 to 12 of 114

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Dental Restorative Products

Orien Dental Supplies is proud to stock a large selection of dental restorative products, with our range including micro applicators, interdental wedges, etch gels, composite syringe guns, light cured composites, dental restorative kits and more. Ideal for restoring tooth surfaces and performing common restorative procedures such as fillings, crowns and bridges, our products are of the highest quality available and can be purchased online with ease.

Dental Composite

Our online range includes Reflectys dental composite from Itena Clinical, a light cured composite that's easy to handle and specially formulated not to stick to instruments or gloves. Suitable for restoring anterior and posterior teeth, this composite allows for remarkable aesthetic results to be achieved.

Dental Restorative Accessories

Our range of dental restorative accessories includes everything from rubber mouth supports and foil mixing pads to disposable mouth mirrors and lip and cheek retractors, ensuring you'll have all the accessories you need to perform restorative procedures.

Other Dental Restorative Items

Other dental restorative products we stock include dental restorative kits, applicators and brush tips, wedges, tips and placements, finishing and polishing tools, matrix bands and retainers, dental bond and etch products, articulating products, and more. Browse our online range and place your order today.