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Dental Burs Suppliers

Browse through an extensive online range of dental burs in Australia, with numerous high-quality options stocked by Orien Dental Supplies. As leading dental burs suppliers, we aim to offer a complete range to cater to the needs of dentists.

Dentist burs must be strong, sharp and precise. It’s also important to use the bur that’s best suited to a specific procedure. That’s why we stock dozens of burs in various styles and shapes, including round, egg, flame, football, inverted cone, flat fissure, tapered, needle, bullet, barrel, pear, round wheel, torpedo, needle, flat end, and many more. We also stock options that are extra-long, super coarse or super fine, catering for cases that may require something more specific.

Specialised Burs & Bur Kits

As leading dental burs suppliers in Australia, we stock a selection of specialised dental burs, including occlusal reduction burs, veneer depth marker burs and composite polishing burs. In addition, we offer a range of all-in-one kits, including endodontic and bite adjustment kits that bring together a selection of suitable burs in one single set. We can also supply crown and bridge preparation kits, as well as crown removal kits.

Bur Blocks

To enable safe and easy access to your dentist burs, a bur block is highly recommended. We stock both aluminium and adjustable options that are ideal for organization and storage.

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