Zirconia & Lithium Disilicate Burs

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Zirconia FG Burs

Discover an extensive collection of zirconia burs to help you achieve flawless dental restorations. The range at Orien Dental Supplies includes various grits and shapes, ensuring there is a precise zirconia bur for every clinical need. With us, searching for the perfect dental tools is a breeze.

Be More Flexible with Interchangeable Burs to Cut Zirconia Crowns

Orien Dental Supplies offers versatility at your fingertips with our zirconia burs kits, featuring interchangeable heads. Whether you're after singles, bundled packs, or bulk dozens, we cater to every practice's unique demands.

Tailor your dental toolkit by mixing and matching our zirconia burs to complement your existing supplies. With us, you can build a collection that's not only of superior quality but also designed for durability, ensuring each bur withstands repeated use. Trust in our zirconia burs for longevity and excellence in your dental craftsmanship.

Besides zirconia burs, Orien Dental Supplies also stock diamond, FG composite finishing, FG diamond, and RA diamond burs.

Zirconia Burs for Dental Academics and Professionals

At Orien Dental Supplies, we strictly adhere to current legal and regulatory guidelines to ensure the highest standard of practice. Our zirconia cutting burs and burs for zirconia crowns are restricted items available exclusively to duly registered dental professionals and dental students undergoing examination with the Australian Dental Council (ADC).

We take our responsibility seriously, ensuring that our specialised tools are in the right hands to maintain professional excellence and patient safety.

Shop Quality Burs for Zirconia Crowns at Orien Dental Supplies

Elevate your practice with zirconia cutting burs from Orien Dental Supplies—where trust and quality meet. We partner with leading brands to bring you top-tier dental essentials. Secure your zirconia cutting burs and more by adding them to your cart, ensuring excellence in every treatment you provide.

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