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Laboratory Discs and Burs

Orien Dental Supplies is proud to offer a wide selection of laboratory burs available for purchase online, including acrylic polishers made by Dendia as well as Strauss carbide cutters. Ideal for laboratory use, these burs are made from high-quality materials that offer excellent durability.

Our Range of Laboratory Burs

We pride ourselves on stocking products from reputable brands such as Dendia and Strauss & Co. Within our range of burs for laboratory use, you’ll find:

  • Dendia acrylic polishers, including torpedo, conical, and bullet burs, which are ideal for smoothing and polishing prosthetic acrylics
  • Strauss carbide cutters, including fine, super fine, medium, coarse and super coarse laboratory burs that boast high cutting efficiency
  • Strauss & Co diamond rubber polishers, including fine, medium and coarse burs that adapt to all tooth surfaces

Choosing the Right Laboratory Burs

Selecting the right dental laboratory burs is critical for any dental practice. The appropriate bur can significantly impact the precision and efficiency of your work. In addition, burs that suit your specific requirements ensure the safety and comfort of your patients.

When choosing laboratory burs, consider their material, shape, and size. The material affects durability and cutting efficiency, while the shape and size determine the bur’s suitability for specific procedures. Additionally, factor in the type of procedures frequently performed in your practice; different lab burs are designed for varying tasks, from detailed shaping to heavy material removal.

By carefully considering these factors, you can select dental laboratory burs that enhance the overall quality of your dental work.

Your Premier Choice for Dental Laboratory Burs

Discover top-quality laboratory burs at Orien Dental Supplies, where we partner with leading brands to offer the best in the market. Choose from our extensive selection of dental lab burs, ensuring you have access to the newest and most effective products.

Shop with us today and find dental-milling burs, discs burs and more.

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