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Dental Finishing Burs

Precise and accurate dental finishing burs

Engineered specifically for fine-tuning and polishing, dental finishing burs are the tools dental professionals turn to once drilling, bone cutting or metal cutting burs have done all the heavy lifting. Order high-quality, well-made Dental Finishing Burs from Orien Dental Supplies whenever you need them. Our range of finishing dental burs is designed for durability, sharpness, and longevity. Their superior construction ensures they remain effective, providing reliable performance in every finishing touch.

High-quality dental finishing burs for dental professionals

Finishing restorations or re-contouring soft tissue? A dental finishing bur will help with these procedures, and is also versatile enough to be used for more complex dental operations such as enameloplasty or odontoplasty. Purchasing our range of finishing dental burs is an investment in precision, versatility, and quality.

If you undertake restoration work, you’ll know using a well-made dental finishing bur is key. At Orien Dental Supplies, we stock dental finishing burs that have been tried and tested by our in-house team of dentists. Our burs can work efficiently and effectively on various materials, including dental composites, ceramics, and natural tooth structures.

Consultations with experts who use these instruments mean we understand providing dental finishing burs in a range of shapes and grits is crucial. When you order from our collection, you can choose the bur best suited to the procedures you carry out. All finishing dental burs at Orien Dental Supplies are compatible with standard dental handpieces, too, so there is no need to worry about purchasing new equipment to use our collection of finishing burs.

Choosing the right dental finishing bur

Here are some tips from our team of in-house dentists on finding the right dental finishing bur for you:

Choose a durable material: Tungsten carbide and diamond burs are the most common materials finishing burs are made from. Tungsten carbide is known for its durability, while diamond burs provide a fine finish. The material should be corrosion-resistant and capable of sterilisation.

Know what shape you are looking for: Round dental finishing burs are used for cavity preparation, while tapered burs are used for crown procedures - think about the type of procedures you’re conducting at your practice to narrow down the burs to choose from.

Check the grit size: Grit size will determine how aggressive or fine the finishing action of the bur will be.

Are you looking for more information about the range of dental finishing burs we stock at Orien Dental Supplies? Why not get in touch with our sales team - our team has years of experience and are familiar with all the products we stock online. They’ll be able to help you decide what model is right for you.

Browse the range of dental finishing burs online at Orien Dental Supplies today

If quality is a non-negotiable for you, look no further than the range of finishing dental burs at Orien Dental Supplies. Create an online account today to restock all the crucial dental supplies you need. Our range of products is easy to order and quick to dispatch - so you know that any products you order, be that finishing dental burs, bulk toothbrushes or any general dental supplies, will be on their way to you as soon as possible.

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