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Dental Bibs

At Orien Dental Supplies, we understand the need for providing adequate protection to patients, helping to protect their clothing from becoming marked or stained during a procedure. That’s why we stock our own range of dentist bibs to cater to the needs of dentists. As leading dental bibs suppliers in Australia, we’re proud to offer an extensive selection of dental bibs wholesale for your practice.

Our Range

We offer colourful and absorbent dental disposable bibs that are ideal for providing protection to patients. Constructed from 2-ply of tissue and 1-ply of poly, they measure 46cm x 33cm and are available in a range of attractive colours, including white, green, pink and lavender.

We also stock plain white 4-ply bibs that feature 3-ply paper and 1-ply poly. These disposable dental bibs measure 50cm x 31cm and are available in a box of 500. If you require a smaller option, we also provide half-size patient bibs in a 28cm x 20cm size. Each small dental bib is constructed from 3-ply tissue and 1-ply poly, with bibs available in white or blue and available in a box of 1000.

In addition, we also supply a range of necessary accessories for dentist bibs, including autoclavable bib chains and dental bib clips in assorted colours to ensure the best patient protection. Our range of dental bib holders is ideal for dentists looking to buy dental bib clips wholesale.

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