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Sterilization Monitoring Products

Orien Dental Supplies proudly offers a wide range of sterilization monitoring products for dental practices, including everything from air removal penetration tests through to sterilization indicator tape. These high-quality products are designed to help your dental clinic monitor and track all sterilization efforts, ensuring adequate processes are practiced and maintained at all times.

Indicator Tapes and Other Sterilization Monitoring Items

Whether you need a class 4 chemical indicator that can display multiple parameters, a sterilization and patient tracking module to identify and log sterilized equipment, or sterilization indicator tape to ensure the process is adequately performed, you’re sure to find all the supplies you need within our online range.

We also stock the EZ-TEST dry block indicator for biological indicators, as well as air removal and steam penetration tests. Browse our extensive range of sterilization monitoring products online and place your order with Orien Dental Supplies today.

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