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Dentist Needle Products for Anaesthetic

At Orien Dental Supplies, we’re proud to stock a selection of dental needle options for use with anaesthetic. Our range includes various options from Terumo, a reputable brand that specialises in the manufacture of sterile, latex-free needles for anaesthetic in a variety of sizes.

Dental Needle Features

In addition to having ultra sharp lancet points to reduce discomfort for patients, each Terumo dentist needle features a high tensile cannula that can’t easily be broken. They’re also sterile and latex-free, making them safe for patients with latex allergies. Additionally, these needles are available in short and long options depending on your requirements.

Available in a Range of Options

As leading dental needles suppliers in Australia, we proudly stock the following dentist needle options:

  • 27G short yellow 22mm
  • 30G extra short green 13mm
  • 27G long yellow 35mm
  • 30G short green 22mm
  • 25G long red 41mm
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