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Dental Dam Supplies in Australia

Orien Dental Supplies offers a large range of dental dams in Australia, with both latex and latex-free options to choose from. We also stock numerous rubber dam accessories, including a variety of clamps and frames.

Dental Dam Endodontics Supplies

Our selection of dental dam endodontic products includes rubber dam frames that fit close to the patient’s face for ample working area during dental procedures. These are available in sizes that are suitable for both children and adults. We also stock rubber dam clamps to ensure dental dam frames remain in place securely.

Dental Dams

Our dental dams are available in both latex and latex-free options, catering to patients who may suffer from latex allergies. Featuring a medium gauge strength that makes them pliable yet strong, these dams are also available in plain or mint scented varieties.


In addition to latex and latex-free dental dams in Australia, we also stock a variety of accessories, including a selection of dental dam clamps. Our range includes bicuspid, molar and labial clamps in a wide range of sizes, as well as dam frames that are suitable for adults or children.

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