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Dental Dam Supplies in Australia

For successful root canal treatments, isolation is key. With a dental dam, you can proceed with endodontics without any issues. Orien Dental Supplies offers many dental dams in Australia, with latex and latex-free options. 

Dental dams protect the treatment site from additional harm from contamination like saliva, blood, and other fluids, reducing the risk of infection. 

We also stock numerous rubber dam accessories, including various dental rubber dam clamps and frames.


Dental Dam Endodontics Supplies

Our dental dam endodontic products selection includes rubber dam frames that fit close to the patient’s face for ample working area during dental procedures. These are available in sizes that are suitable for both children and adults. We also stock rubber dam dental clamps to ensure dental dam frames remain in place securely.


Advantages of Dental Dams

Rubber dam rentals provide a thin layer of protection from contamination minimising infection risks. It also isolates the tooth, creating an unobstructed view and allowing precise navigation, especially for root canals. It also hides other distractions from your view. This helps you maintain a dry environment for a better and faster procedure.

They also help the patient by protecting their soft tissues. The dam protects surrounding tissues from instruments and materials, ensuring patient comfort and reducing irritation. Dams contribute to a positive patient experience and faster healing by streamlining procedures and reducing discomfort.

Our Range of Dental Dams

Our dental dams are available in latex and latex-free options, catering to patients who may suffer from latex allergies. These dams are also available in plain or mint-scented varieties and have a medium gauge strength that makes them pliable yet strong.

To optimise your endodontic workflow, Orien Dental Supplies provides a diverse range of dental dams available depending on your needs:

Material Matters:

  • Classic Latex: Affordable, highly elastic, and the industry standard.
  • Allergy-Friendly Non-Latex: Ideal for patients with latex sensitivities, offering a safe alternative.

Dam Thickness:

  • Thin Dams: Enhance tactile sensitivity for delicate procedures, providing a "barely there" feel.
  • Thick Dams: Prioritise tear resistance for demanding treatments, ensuring unwavering durability.


Dental Dam Accessories

In addition to latex and latex-free dental dams in Australia, we also stock a variety of accessories, including a selection of dental dam clamps. Our range includes various sizes of bicuspid, molar and labial clamps and dam frames suitable for adults.

Orien Dental Supplies offers a range of dental dam accessories such as clamps, frames, punches, and forceps.

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